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Guides: How to install and use custom virtual backgrounds in Zoom and Teams

We've found guides to walk you through the process for both Zoom and Microsoft Teams. That way, you'll easily be displaying that high resolution unicorn background, that we both know you'll use 🦄

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We've made it easy for you. Here's our most popular virtual backgrounds.

Seinfeld background

Image credit: Seinfeld

Tiger King background

Image credit: Tiger King

The Shining, Hallway background

Image credit: The Shining

United, Airplane Seat background

Image credit: United

The Office background

Image credit: The Office

Star Trek Picard background

Image credit: Star Trek Picard

Silicon Valley, Lightbulb background

Image credit: Silicon Valley

The Price is Right background

Image credit: The Price is Right

Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope background

Image credit: Parks and Recreation

Game of Thrones background

Image credit: Game of Thrones

American Idol, Judges Table background

Image credit: American Idol

Nature, Fjord background

Image credit: Unsplash

Top Gun, Cockpit, upside down background

Image credit: Top Gun

Top Gun, Cockpit background

Image credit: Top Gun

Star Wars, Millennium Falcon background

Image credit: Star Wars

Modern Home Background for Teams or Zoom
Modern home with a Pool background

Image credit: Unsplash

Disney - Moana Background for Teams or Zoom
Disney – Moana background

Image credit: Disney

Classroom background

Image credit: Unsplash

Looking for backgrounds for Zoom with a fun design?

We cover most areas when it comes to awesome backgrounds: modern, spaceships, unicorns, rebel bases, classrooms and much more – all in high definition so you're sure the resolutions fits. This also means high quality images that fits every plausible need. At least we hope so! was started because we wanted to make it easier to find high quality backgrounds. A quick search might give results for "Cool backgrounds" - but, more often than not, the quality disappoints – and, that's where we come in! 👊

When talking about Zoom specifically, they often describe their backgrounds as "customized backgrounds" or "virtual backgrounds". And - Zoom has a few guidelines when it comes to dimensions/resolutions. We've taken care of this, so you don't have to worry about it. All images on are Zoom-compatible out-of-the-box. So, you can start downloading your next epic background with no hassle 🎉

Background Images for Zoom

Backgrounds come in many different shapes and sizes

Here's our categories so you can find the background that fits you best 🌅

High quality background for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has been gaining a lot of traction lately – and, we totally understand why. They are expanding on their video meeting capabilities, and they are adding more and more support for custom backgrounds – yay!

So, if you're part of a team on Teams, i recommend taking a look at our professional backgrounds category. Maybe even our modern home background category? Not to say, that everything that goes on on Teams is purely business – if you fancy Tigers, fighter-jet cockpits, or anything else – we've got you covered.

We know Teams is being used by a lot of teachers as well. So, if you're looking for Classroom backgrounds, look no further: we've got them here.

Background Images for Microsoft Teams